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The microorganisms are the VIPs of the treatment process. This series of courses will take you into their micro world, and show you how understanding its rules is the key to optimizing your treatment operations. 


Microscopic Analysis

Send us a sample of mixed liquor! We will analyze it and return a full, detailed report.

On-Site Training

We will provide in-depth training on the role and the importance of microorganisms in the treatment system.  Operators will gain an understanding of how to diagnose, trouble-shoot, and optimize treatment system operations.


Need additional help? Our consultation services will provide assistance with treatment system upsets, non-compliance, and treatment system optimization.

Expert Technical Assistance

As a wastewater microbiologist and certified operator who has spent more than 35 years working, teaching, and researching in the field of wastewater microbiology, Toni Glymph-Martin has gained considerable knowledge of  wastewater treatment design and operation. She has gained international recognition as an expert in her field, receiving numerous awards for her work.

STEM Education 

"It's important for our future leaders to be able to understand and solve complex challenges to meet the demands of a dynamic, evolving workforce. STEM education will help students build skills and gain content knowledge necessary to thrive in some of the most valuable work environments today." - Toni Glymph-Martin


"This manual by nationally renowned microbiologist Toni Glymph is the most comprehensive, understandable, and descriptive manual that I have found for training of microbiology in wastewater operations." - Amazon Reader Review


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